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GM to use plastic from oil spill

GM says that it will use oil covered plastic boom that was used in the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year. The plastic was destined to be incinerated, but GM says that it will recycle it and use it to make parts for their new electric car, the Chevy Volt. [...]

GM IPO the largest in history

The revamped General Motors issued its IPO on Wednesday and raised $20.1 billion. The actual amount will be closer to $23.1 billion after counting investors on a waiting list called an overallotment. This is already the largest IPO in U.S. history and if the overallotment purchases come through as estimated, then this will be the largest IPO in [...]

For GM, Chevy Cruze is more important than the Chevy Volt

For the past two years we’ve been hearing a lot about GM’s electric plug-in car, the Chevy Volt. They have promoted this car as the key to their re-emergence as an auto giant and it is supposed to be on the cutting edge of green technology. Symbolically this may be true. However, in reality the [...]

GM unveils new hybrid SUV

GM is announcing a new hybrid SUV that will be based on the Chevy Volt (coming later this year). Like the Volt, the Volt MPV5 (I know, the name sucks) will travel a limited amount of distance on electric power alone. This crossover/SUV will be able to travel about 32 miles or 51 kilometers without [...]

GM singing happy tune

GM is doing a lot better these days than they did in 2009. They have new and exciting products that are arriving shortly and have a lot of positive publicity surrounding them currently. They are also seeing better sales and interest in their products overall, according to a top executive for the domestic car maker this week. GM [...]