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Does Quebec want to separate again?

  I recently read an article in the Toronto Star (click here to read it) that discussed Bloc Quebecois party leader, Gilles Duceppe talking about Quebec separating from Canada. Most people thought this issue was dead and resolved in 1995 when Quebec held a referendum and the people chose to remain a part of Canada. [...]

Eyeing the arctic riches

  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is touring the Canadian north up in the Arctic. There are barely any people there and it is certainly not an area that is very important in terms of potential votes to win over. So why is he interested in the ice cold Arctic? For the same reason that [...]

Financial reform closer to becoming law

  After months of debate and negotiations, the financial reform bill that President Obama and the Democrats really wanted to put in place is now completed and will go through the House and Senate before the President will sign it in to law. Their goal is to have the President do that by the 4th [...]

Small Canadian company gets foreign investment

Toronto-based, Public Mobile, one of the new entrants to the Canadian cell phone carrier market announced yesterday that they received a $350 million investment from the Export-Import Bank of China. The money is intended to be used to build a wireless network throughout southern Ontario and in to Quebec. If Public Mobile will have a legitimate [...]

Canadians suffer from Continental Jealousy Syndrome

Many Canadians suffer from a condition called Continental Jealousy Syndrome which causes them to be very jealous of other peoples from their continent in various aspects. For Canadians, this refers specifically to Americans. It presents itself mostly during sporting events like the Olympics and the World Cup, as well as, sports leagues like the NHL. It is [...]