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Chevrolet tries new option

¬† Many people may not be aware of an option that car buyers have on certain makes, mostly because most people can not afford these particular makes. If you were to buy a new Ferrari, some BMW’s and other cars, then you are given the option to go to the factory in Italy or Germany [...]

BMW making an all new electric car

Recently, BMW announced that they will be building an all new model of car that will be exclusively an electric vehicle. As you probably noticed, I have not attached a picture to this post, that is because the drawing BMW released for this future car is meaningless as it will likely look nothing like it. [...]

Good signs for economy

  Two important, but very different signs in recent days suggest that the global economy is strengthening and perhaps not headed to another dip like some people have been saying. In the U.S., incomes rose more than consumer spending (which also rose) and that means Americans are saving more and paying off debts. Although, economists always [...]

The auto industry – reputations precede them

Before I begin, I want to make it clear that none of the companies I am writing about in this article have paid me to say or to not say anything in this article and the views I express here come from my own extensive knowledge and experience of automobiles and the automobile industry alone. [...]