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Why we hate some companies

  In just about every developed country there are certain companies that the public likes to insult, hate and look down upon. They are often companies from within their own country and not foreign, although there are several exceptions. The most recent one is of course, BP in the United States. The reasons Americans hate [...]

Small Canadian company gets foreign investment

Toronto-based, Public Mobile, one of the new entrants to the Canadian cell phone carrier market announced yesterday that they received a $350 million investment from the Export-Import Bank of China. The money is intended to be used to build a wireless network throughout southern Ontario and in to Quebec. If Public Mobile will have a legitimate [...]

Cell phone carriers passing the buck

In the U.S., AT&T, the cell phone carrier that currently has the exclusivity on the Apple iPhone in the United States has had a lot of bad publicity about their inconsistent reception. It has actually been going on since the iPhone launched in 2007 and has not improved much with time. Their competitor, Verizon is [...]

Canadians getting short end of the stick

The telecommunications industry in Canada is among the most hated by Canadian consumers. This includes land line phone networks, internet, cable television and cell phone networks. The three big players in this space are: Rogers, Bell and Telus (Shaw exists, but mostly out west). These companies suffer from a serious bout of ‘comfy chair syndrome’ [...]