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WindMade label

Companies and organizations interested in the expansion of wind energy have created a new consumer product label called WindMade. The key company behind this is Danish-based Vestas which is a wind turbine and energy producer. The idea is to promote products made using wind energy directly to the consumer. If consumers begin to demand that their [...]

BMW making an all new electric car

Recently, BMW announced that they will be building an all new model of car that will be exclusively an electric vehicle. As you probably noticed, I have not attached a picture to this post, that is because the drawing BMW released for this future car is meaningless as it will likely look nothing like it. [...]

GM unveils new hybrid SUV

GM is announcing a new hybrid SUV that will be based on the Chevy Volt (coming later this year). Like the Volt, the Volt MPV5 (I know, the name sucks) will travel a limited amount of distance on electric power alone. This crossover/SUV will be able to travel about 32 miles or 51 kilometers without [...]

Another big alternative energy idea

Recently, there has been a lot of hype around a Silicon Valley, California company called Bloom Energy. They produce something called the Bloom Energy Server which is an on-site fuel cell which can generate energy from natural gas or renewable energy sources. It is being touted as the first fuel cell technology that can be installed easily and [...]

What will new oil drilling mean?

On Wednesday, President Obama announced plans to allow a few more areas in the offshore US waters to be open for drilling for oil and natural gas. This move may be surprising to some as this is a President that was supposed to be all about clean and renewable energy but, if you really listened to [...]