Super car station wagons

Ferrari FF Pictures, Images and Photos
Ferrari recently unveiled its attempt at a modern day station wagon. The Ferrari FF does not have four doors, but does seat four passengers. If you like cars on any level then you likely have already seen the Porsche Panamera. It is a four door modern day station wagon that for some reason some people like.

These two cars have similar backs or hatches and I personally find them ugly as hell. I not only dislike these two specific cars, but I also don’t like the idea of super car companies like Porsche and Ferrari making station wagons. Of course, none of these companies will ever say that these cars are station wagons, but they clearly are. I don’t mind the idea of a super car that seats four. Maserati has a four seater, four door car that looks appealing called Quattroporte and they managed to do it without building a¬†ridiculous looking station wagon. This means that it can be done so I don’t want to hear any excuses from Porsche or Ferrari.

In an effort to try to expand the customer base for these very exclusive brands, they risk¬†diluting their brand. Judging by the amount of Porsche Panamera station wagons I see on the roads today it appears that Porsche is making money on the model. However, making money on one model at the risk of the entire brand image is not worth it in my opinion. Now obviously, one ugly car will not ruin the illustrious history that Porsche has built over the generations with its 911 sports car, but it won’t help it either. Super car companies should be more selective than any other car maker in what models they choose to build. They should have gone with a sedan style car instead of a station wagon style. Station wagons fell out of popularity and became a joke for a reason. They look like a joke. Unfortunately, the same can be said for the Porsche Panamera and Ferrari FF.