Super Bowl 44 ad buzz

Super Bowl 44 is coming up this weekend and the buzz surrounding the advertising is once again the main talk of the whole event. It is estimated that 100 million people will be tuning in to the game and many of the viewers will be excited to see the commercials just as much and in some cases more than the actual game. This is truly a phenomenon in the television world as there is no other event on TV that occurs annually where many viewers look forward to actually viewing the commercials, let alone more than the actual event and definitely with this many viewers.

What this means is that although it costs about $3 million for a 30 second spot, according to Wake Forest University, it is a good economical and business investment for companies to make. I found an interesting report about this issue, click here to read it if you wish.  I personally look forward to watching the commercials, even though here in Canada we get ripped off by having to watch the Canadian ads instead. I hope someday soon, the US and Canada can come to a better resolution whereby the US channel can show their feed in Canada instead of selling the rights to the Super Bowl to a Canadian channel that sells its own ad spots that are not interesting at all to watch. Therefore, I will have to see the ads online after the fact. Oh well, better than nothing.

This year, the Anheuser-Busch leads Super Bowl advertisers in terms of number of spots purchased. They are generally pretty good at making entertaining ads. This year much of the talk so far has revolved around the ads that were rejected. Some ads were rejected for being “too gay”, while another got the hook for being anti-abortion. I am not here to debate whether or not that should have happened, however, it did backfire to some extent as this controversy created publicity for the rejected companies’ ads and that’s always good for those companies.

CBS announced that they have sold out every ad spot for this year’s Super Bowl which means that companies understand the value and importance of having an ad during this event. Having an ad in the Super Bowl gives an added bonus of being searched and viewed on the internet and talked about on talk shows the following day which is like free publicity, usually positive (unless the ad was boring). Also, as the article I linked to mentioned, it gives advertisers an ‘eagle effect’ which means that it shows that they can be at the pinnacle of advertisers with other huge advertisers and that creates value, credibility and massive brand equity for companies. I recommend tuning in this weekend to watch the ads, or just watch them online afterwards if you live in Canada or are not a football fan.