Steve Jobs impacted many industries

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By now, almost every type of article has already been written about the passing of Steve Jobs and what he meant to the world. Since there are many directions to go with an article about the great entrepreneur that must be written, the best thing to do is stay true to what this site is: a business blog.

Steve Jobs has impacted, revolutionized and even created many industries, many of which are completely unrelated to one another. The number of industries he has forever changed is likely more than any other individual in this generation and perhaps the previous one as well.

He created the PC industry. He invented the concept of a personal computer, as well as, the mouse that goes with it. He also greatly impacted the software industry for those computers. He then impacted the movie industry with Pixar, his computer animated film making venture. Then came the music industry. The iPod and iTunes not only revolutionized consumer electronics and how we listen to music, it also changed the entire business model for the music industry. This is something that industry is still adjusting to.

The telecommunications and cell phone industries were revolutionized by his iPhone. Finally, we were given all the publicly available knowledge of the world in our pocket. It made data an essential aspect of the cell phone carrier industry. He then created the tablet industry which revolutionized the mobile device industry.

All of these products have and continue to lead the design trends far beyond just consumer electronics. However, Steve Jobs also impacted the retail industry in general with the unique layout and concepts of the Apple stores. He impacted and improved customer service. Something that has been gradually decreasing in quality over the years.

I believe that Steve Jobs will revolutionize at least one other industry within the next 2-3 years, even though he is no longer with us. His visionary and ideas that are currently being developed at Apple will bare fruit within that period and that will once again show us his true genius. The world’s level and pace of innovation is now lower than it was 24 hours ago.