Stephen Colbert testifies before Congress

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On Friday, political comedian Stephen Colbert testified in front of Congress to discuss the immigration issue in the U.S. Some lawmakers asked Colbert questions and since he remained in character the whole time, it was interesting and funny to watch.

Some of the lawmakers made themselves look like idiots because they did not even know who he was, let alone the fact that he was playing a satirical character from TV. Those lawmakers that were out of the loop looked really bad with more people than usual watching. To not know who Stephen Colbert is shows a complete lack of touch with American culture. I don’t know if those lawmakers are up for re-election this November but if they are, I can’t imagine this performance helping their cause.

For Stephen Colbert, it was all good. He gained free publicity and probably a few more fans as well. He is becoming more popular and a staple of American culture already, but a boost in publicity right now is very helpful for him because he has a big event coming up. He, along with fellow comedian Jon Stewart are planning a rally in Washington D.C. next month. This is all part of their character concepts of making fun of right-wing conservatives. The added publicity in D.C. can help make their rallies a success.

Overall however, the real winner from all this is the viewer. Although some of the public’s time and money may have been wasted by having a comedian testify in front Congress, it was very funny and worth it. The event also likely drew attention to the issue which is important. It is always funny to watch him in character and even more funny to watch him make fun of someone that doesn’t get it. You can always count on some old Republicans for that.