Start-up country

Have you ever wondered which country leads the world in terms of start-up companies, inventions and innovations? Well, if not it is likely because you just assumed that the title belongs to the USA. If that is the case then you would be correct….sort of.

The US does the lead the world in new and innovate business but, much of that has to do with the population size of over 300 million. The US is the largest advanced country in the world so they should be number one in these categories. That is not to say that credit shouldn’t be given to the American people and their mentality of being entrepreneurial and hard working among other crucial attributes because they really do deserve all the credit for those things. However, if you look at these categories on a per capita basis then the results would be a little different.

By this measure, another country seems to consistently be at or near the top in the categories related to new businesses, inventions and innovations. That country is Israel. Regardless of what your thoughts are about their politics, Israel has been at the forefront of new start-up companies, scientific publications and technological innovations. They actually submit more patent applications to the US patent office than Americans do. That is a remarkable fact seeing as Israel has a population of only 7 million.

Large venture capital firms often have offices in Israel to partake in some of that opportunity. This just further illustrates what I am saying. It is important to remember that not only does this country have a small population, it is also surrounded by enemies and threats of war. You would think that new business ideas would be the last thing on the minds of the average Israeli.

However, perhaps that actually plays in to the success they are enjoying on the business start-up front. It has always been said that great opportunities arise from great adversity and desperation. This might be exactly that, but on steroids since it affects not just one person but an entire nation. Moreover, since every Israeli knows that his home market is not large enough to sustain a big new business then, right from the outset the companies are built not only for the needs of Israelis but for the needs of the entire global market to make it easier to export and enter other markets. This helps to attract venture capital money and other investors and it also puts these companies at a greater chance to be acquired by large international firms.

Israel has benefited from the military necessities that it has had since its independence a little over 60 years ago which has bore fruit on the business side with a whole range of high tech military and security equipment and solutions that they sell to many other countries (including the US military). However, it is also the discipline of the people there that helps them in business because with a mandatory military service which is not as easy as most other militaries, the people are better able to manage difficult challenges that starting a new business brings.

Moreover, the environmental problems the country has, especially the lack of water and basically every other naturally occurring resource has forced Israelis to use their heads in order solve these challenges. This is why they lead the world in solar power technology and are among the top in water treatment and distribution technologies.

If you are an entrepreneur then a business trip to Israel may be inspirational and may open your eyes to different ways of generating business ideas and solutions that can prove invaluable to your future success.

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