Starbucks has a new logo

Starbucks decided to change their logo and unveiled it this week. They say they will begin implementing it in March. The new logo will no longer include the black ring that housed the words “Starbucks” and “Coffee”. It will be completely free of any wording and will only be green and white.

The main reason for this logo change is so that Starbucks can pursue new business opportunities. One possible venture is increasing their product distribution in grocery stores. They do this now, but they would probably like to sell packaged products other than just coffee. For this they would obviously need to get rid of the word “Coffee” from their logo.

If you heard about this news then you probably also heard by now, that some of the coffee maker’s hardcore fans are not impressed with the new logo. They do not like that Starbucks removed their company name and the word “Coffee”. They actually have a point (half a point, really). Starbucks was right to remove the word “Coffee” from their logo. You can’t sell cookies, pastries or hot chocolate in grocery stores when your logo says “Coffee”. However, not everyone attends Starbucks coffee shops and not everyone is aware of every large company’s logo. Therefore, it was a mistake to leave out the company name from the new logo. Their logo is not yet as well known as Nike or McDonald’s so they should have left the name, at least for a few years after their product distribution business gained a lot of traction.

Check out the YouTube video above to see the new logo and hear Starbucks’ CEO, Howard Shultz talk about the change.