Sony unveils competition to Nintendo Wii

Sony Move

Earlier this week at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony unveiled an add-on to its Play Station 3 video game system. It is a motion controller called Move that is set to compete head to head with the ever popular Nintendo Wii. This controller looks somewhat similar to the Wii’s controller, except it is black and has a ping pong like ball on the top of it that lights up in different colors.

When Nintendo introduced the Wii, it became a huge hit and really blind-sided both Sony and Microsoft, the leaders in the video game system industry until that point. They were not only a hit with kids and gamers but, also with parents since this system required movement in order to activate the controls. This was an innovation that no company has successfully matched in the market even today.

For Sony, they were under a lot of pressure to introduce something competitive in this sub-category because Microsoft has said that it is working on something called Project Natal which incorporates human movement beyond just pressing buttons as well. Therefore, if Sony did not introduce the Move then they would risk being left in the dust once Microsoft unveiled their product. For Sony, if this Move works well and can be used on games that are known for being very good on the Play Station, then they can carve out a niche before Microsoft is able to launch their version.

The Nintendo Wii is geared more towards a younger audience than the Play Station and the Microsoft Xbox. Since Sony is set to begin sales of the Move in the fall, they will have the opportunity to allow an older demographic to get hooked on it. Also, as someone who has tried the Wii, I can definitely say that there is much room to perfect the science of motion controllers. Hopefully for Sony they have been able to improve the accuracy and speed of the motion controller from Nintendo’s version, especially because the older crowd that prefers the Play Station is likely to be more demanding of a better, faster and more accurate motion controller.

Sony has already made one good decision with this product and that is the pricing. They say that the Move will cost under $100 to start which is a good price for a slowly recovering economy. By pricing it under $100 it will allow a large number of current Play Station 3 owners to buy this add-on and can help convince those looking to buy a video game system to purchase the Sony offering.

Although I am not a big time gamer by any means, I am looking forward to trying this controller out and hoping that it is better than the Nintendo Wii.