Social networking for companies

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A lot of proactive companies have been utilizing social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is a growing trend and has even entered the core marketing initiatives of some larger companies. However, since this is still something that is new to companies, not all of them are fully utilizing its potential. At the same time, due to the lack of understanding of what these sites mean to companies, some firms are overestimating their importance.

Having a corporate Facebook page or corporate Twitter account is good for relaying company news, events and maintaining brand relevance. These are all very important aspects of marketing. However, they only reach existing fans of these brands. Since users/consumers have to voluntarily follow these initiatives that audience tends to be the loyal customers of those brands. That doesn’t mean these initiatives are pointless. In fact, loyal fans and early adopters of a brand are essential in spreading the news and drumming up support, buzz and interest from other people.

This is something that is not always clear to companies that are trying to utilize this new medium. Some companies are known to be investing a lot in these marketing initiatives and see them as equal to other advertising methods such as television ads and billboards. They are¬†inherently different from the more conventional forms of mass advertising. TV ads and billboards are meant to reach new and existing customers alike (although the ad’s message can gear it towards a certain segment). To substitute a Facebook page for a television commercial and expect similar results would be a big mistake. If you are trying to get exposure to the masses about your product/brand, then a TV ad is probably a better choice. However, if you’re looking to strengthen your core customer support and loyalty, then a Facebook and Twitter account that is being properly managed (often by a marketing firm) can be a good option.

Marketers will all eventually realize this and it will likely soon be taught in business schools. Until then though, there will surely be a lot of mistakes that are made and some people will inevitably lose their jobs because they did not fully understand what use social networking has for companies.