Small business tactics to make employees happy

Happy Employees

Employees are one of the key ingredients that make businesses soar to new heights or drop like a rock. Beyond hiring smart, capable and qualified individuals, companies need to keep the employees happy and motivated in order to utilize them to their full potential. To do this, there are many methods that have been attempted. If you are looking to motivate your staff and keep them happy then this post may give you some good ideas. The following are some ideas that the small and medium sized companies with the happiest employees in Canada are using and their staffs have voted them the best in the country.

The top rated company in this list is a company called Booty Camp Fitness Inc. and the main reason their employees like working there is because they have hired someone who has the sole task of helping all the other employees by being a liaison. They also provide organic groceries to the staff and do group yoga and kickboxing sessions. Keep in mind that this company is the health and fitness industry so it makes more sense for them to offer these services than it would for say, a financial services or raw materials distribution company.

However, the second highest rated company on this list named ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. uses methods that many types of companies can use as well. This company gives its employees no-interest loans to support active lifestyles or computer purchases. For a company to be able to do this they would definitely need to have a lot of extra cash on hand but assuming they have that, this is actually a very good idea. There is some level of risk like if the employee quits before fully paying back the loan but in most cases that wouldn’t happen. There are also ways of securing payment even if they do leave the work place.

I would probably allow the workers to use the loans for a broader range of purposes, as long as the reasons will improve them in some way. Also, helping employees fund their continuing education is a good way to increase the value of the worker and at the same time will increase their loyalty to your company because you essentially helped put them through school. If the education you helped finance was something like a Master’s degree then, you will have to be prepared to pay them more due to their level of education or risk losing them. However, you should also be able to give them more responsibilities and they should be able to make your company more money so the pay raise should pay off.

One of the running themes that most of the companies on the list have is that most of them take time to acknowledge employees that are doing an exceptionally good job. Some offer prizes or awards and others recognize them in a company newsletter. Either way, this acknowledgement motivates workers to put forth the effort and gives them a sense that the company appreciates the hard work they put in.

Sometimes a simple acknowledgement from the superiors means more to someone than a gift or other perks that the job has and for the company, saying thank you for a job well done is free.