Sick of iPhone 3G

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Yes, I still own and use the Apple iPhone 3G. That’s right, not the 3GS like most people and certainly not the iPhone 4 (not until they say what their long term solution is on Sept. 30th for the design flaw). Since I happily updated by phone’s software to the iOS4 my phone reminds me that no technology should be counted on too much. My iPhone 3G is slower than a Honda Civic at a NASCAR race.

Before I bought my first and only iPhone, I had an HTC Touch. At the time, this phone was unbelievably under powered. I said then that it’s like a hot blonde. It was so slow and dumb which drove me crazy, but it looked nice so it was hard to get too mad at it. However, I take that back now. Compared to the iPhone, the HTC Touch is quite ugly. So really, that old HTC was like an ugly, dumb girl which more accurately reflects how angry it used to make me and the iPhone can take the hot blonde title.

My iPhone is so slow now that I have to wait about 5 seconds after pressing a button for the phone to show the desired action. Sometimes it is even longer. In many games, the phone suddenly lags and makes it impossible to play it. I am seriously considering downgrading my phone to the software it had before the iOS4 update. Every other 3G user I spoke to is having the same problems.

My story is relevant now because Apple has also been getting a lot of the same complaints I just discussed. They are investigating them and it seems as though we will soon hear of another upgrade for 3G users that will serve as a patch for the previous one. The hope is that this new upgrade will allow the added functions from iOS4 to stay but, that it will not hinder the performance of the phone. I’m not sure if this is possible, but something definitely needs to be done about this and fast.

Until I experienced this awful phone performance I was overall very impressed with my Apple product and with the company in general. It is my first and only Apple product as of now and until the iOS4 upgrade came out, I was planning on switching my laptop from a PC to a Mac. However, now that I see how careless and poor some of their product execution has been, I am starting to reconsider that option.

Since there are many people that own iPhone’s that do not own Mac’s, their phone serves as a representative for all of Apple products. If they are very impressed with their iPhone then they will have a higher chance to try out a Mac, which is what Apple really wants. However, current iPhone 3G owners are not as impressed with Apple as they were even a few short months ago and this can hurt the company in the future. Apple can fix some of this damage with an effective upgrade for iPhone 3G, but time is ticking….although on the 3G it isn’t really ticking like it should.