Should we feel bad for professional athletes?

Al Harrington Pictures, Images and Photos

Everyone always focuses on the millions of dollars athletes get paid every year. We all focus even more on the fact that they get paid these large amounts of money to PLAY a GAME that they love and played for free when they were kids. Some like to talk about the beautiful women they have lining up in every city that are hoping to date them. These facts are all true and sound very good. They make it hard for us to see any downside with their profession.

I am not trying to make it seem like they live difficult and terrible lives because that would be a lie. However, it is not only positives when looking at the lives of professional athletes. If you look at team sports in North America, there is always the chance that any player on any team will be traded to a different team and city without any notice. These athletes are away from their families for a big part of their careers as it is, much more than most people in other professions. This fact becomes even more true when an athlete is traded away from the city he and his family have settled down in. At least for the rest of that season, often times the athlete will not move his entire family when he is traded. That means he will rarely see them during that season.

It is never a stable living situation for athletes. In fact, I am sure that many people would choose a different life even if they had the physical abilities to be a professional athlete. There is a lot more that goes in to this type of life than the perks like money, fame, fans and women. We should all remember that the next time an athlete signs a big contract or gets traded to another team/city.