Search engines are evolving

New Google logo

Starting on Wednesday, you will begin to notice some additional features when you do searches on Google. The search engine giant has added options that let you narrow down what types of results you are looking for. For example, if you are searching for a particular news story or report, then there is a news button that you can press that will narrow the results to only include news articles and avoid images, websites, products, etc… Google already had the News button, but this format allows the user to navigate between them more easily. This is a next step that Google has taken to improve on its search engine platform and to stay ahead of their competitors.

Speaking of their competitors, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft) already offer these types of search options so Google is not completely changing how searches will be done with this revision. The relatively new Bing search engine has debuted quite strongly with about a 10% market share and climbing. That market share is not being taken away from Google though. Instead, it is Yahoo that is the odd man out in the search engine market. Bing is more focused on images however, so I am not sure that Google is too worried about it being a real threat to it even though it is in the number two position.

Aside from the functional changes that Google made, they also tweaked how their main search page looks. They increased the size of the search bar and touched up their logo a little bit. I’m not sure everyone will notice the minor cosmetic change but, the logo has less of a shadow and the colors are a little brighter now.

When Google makes changes to their main search site, regardless of how small the changes may be, it is newsworthy because a large majority of people use Google on a daily basis for work and personal use. It also teaches a good lesson in business.

If there was any company that would understandably become a bit complacent due to the large success and dominant market position, it would be Google. However, they have and continue to show that they are not becoming at all complacent and are always looking to stay ahead of the competition and make their business even better. In fact, Google says that they have made about 550 revisions to their site in the last year. Most of the changes are not noticeable because they are tinkering with their algorithm that produces the search results and related advertisements. However, it shows anyone in business that if Google is not resting and simply being content with their success, then surely no other company on earth should be.

This is a lesson everyone should remind themselves of no matter how successful or unsuccessful their business has been to this point.