Science explains how to be successful

Training the brain is key to success

We have all experienced failures in some form or another multiple times in our lives. Whenever we have someone there to cheer us up after a failure, we often hear and likely say to others that we can learn from our mistakes and get it right the next time. It turns out that this is exactly how the brain works. However, the brain learns even more from success than from failure.

According to an MIT study, it turns out that when we fail at something, our brain retains that information and learns what not to do the next time around. A failure may not tell the brain what is the right thing to do, unless it is the only other obvious choice, but it is actually better than not experiencing any success or failure at all. If someone does something, say in business, and the results are not good but may not appear to be a failure or at least not attributable to the actions taken by that person, then that person may not learn anything at all from it. If the person failed due to his/her actions then the brain will know to avoid repeating that mistake again.

On the flip side, if that person succeeds with the actions taken, then the brain will retain all of that information and allow the person to repeat those successful steps again. This creates a cycle of success that can propel people to greatness. To help tattoo those positive lessons in the brain, it appears that celebrating success shortly after it occurs will do just that. The human brain (and dog brains for that matter) responds much better to positive feedback and success than they do to negativity and failures.

That is also why it is important for managers and business owners to give positive feedback, credit and rewards when an employee does something good. Moreover, it is important to do this as soon as possible after that good work has become known to the manager. This will help cement the lesson in that person’s brain much better than thanking them for a job well done a day or two later.

Many successful entrepreneurs always say that they make it a point of emphasis to celebrate successes and also make sure to reward good work. Now we see that science backs up those tactics and we see how they play a role in the continued success of the entrepreneur and his company.