Sarah Palin may run for President

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In recent days there has been renewed hope and possibility that Sarah Palin may run for president after all. For months it seemed that she realized most people think she’s an idiot and chose a path of lucrative gigs on Fox News and other ‘friendly’ mediums. However, recently she has been doing a bus tour and saying things like she still has fire in the belly. This has caused the media to cover her more than all the other Republican candidates, including the current favourite, Mitt Romney.

I can definitely see why she would decide to run for President. Although every poll shows that most people don’t like her, the same can be said for all the other Republicans in the 2012 field. She sees that the current crop of potential Republican candidates is very weak and ripe for someone with energy and a passionate base to squeeze in and win the nomination. I don’t know that this will actually happen, but it makes a strong case to at least try. She can also afford to officially declare that she’s running later than the other candidates because of her strong name recognition. This enables her to avoid mistakes and gaffes that can happen in any campaign early on.

It will still be tough for her to win the Republican nomination however. I think eventually Republicans will realize that if she wins then their chance at winning the White House will be small. Someone like Mitt Romney will likely have a better shot at it since he is not as extreme right wing as Palin. In the primaries this type of thinking occurs a lot and this can kill any real chance she has at the nomination. I don’t know if this will happen because a lot depends on how Romney, Pawlenty and others perform over the next several weeks. If they show that they are just as inept as Sarah Palin then that will help her a lot.

I am sure that President Obama is hoping she does win the nomination. He will make her look like the receptionist (no offence to receptionists) that she is during the debates and throughout the campaign. He will likely have a landslide victory even with the high unemployment rate. I hope she does run because it makes for great TV. I look forward to seeing her say dumb things on TV again. Go Palin.