Russia wants in on missle defense system

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Russia has made it clear that they want an equal voice and coverage in the missile defense system which is led by the U.S. and includes Europe. The U.S. has already indicated that it would include Russia as a part of the proposed missile defense system, but there aren’t many details about it thus far.

Officially, it is actually NATO that would be implementing and protected by the missile defense system. This makes this issue very ironic. For those that don’t know, NATO was created by the U.S. and Western Europe as a way to counter the Russian threat after WWII. Now, 60+ years after it’s creation, it looks like Russia may indirectly obtain protection from NATO and in some ways become allies with it. Now, you might be wondering who exactly these massive powers all have to be protected from. After all, Russia has more nuclear weapons than any other nation and the U.S. military is by far the most powerful on earth…The answer may not make complete sense, but the threats come from much smaller and militarily weaker countries.

Right now the biggest threat is Iran, followed by North Korea. At the moment, Iran can only reach Europe and perhaps a small part of Russia. Also at the moment, Russia and Iran are not enemies and in fact, Russia supplies Iran with some weapons (although not as much as Iran would like). However, this missile defense system is more of a deterrent for the future unknowns. Even more, it is to strengthen the political ties between the countries involved.

Sure, Iran and North Korea are not a real threat to any of the countries that would be covered by a missile defense system. Perhaps in the future China will be an actual threat that will make the missile defense system seem like a good idea, but until then many people will not see a reason for it. However, this system is not just a military tool but also a political tool. If this will bring Russia closer to the U.S. and Europe then that alone is a worth while investment.