Rogers scams us again

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Once again Rogers is in the news in a negative way. Once again Rogers is pissing off its customers. And once again Rogers is using their power to sleaze their way to some more money. We don’t yet know how it will end but for now they are receiving negative attention from the media and deservingly so.

Rogers, which owns the sports channel, Rogers Sportsnet and MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays has recently launched a new sports channel called Sportsnet One. They moved 25 Blue Jay games to this new channel and also do not offer their new channel to other carriers. This means that if you want to watch all Blue Jays games then you must be a Rogers customer. What is even worse is that after the free preview of this channel is over, you will have to pay for it to be included in your regular channel lineup. The Toronto Raptors of the NBA will also air about 23 regular season games which, if this issue has not been settled by then will surely anger many more people.

You may recall a couple years ago when another sports channel, TSN2 was launched. When that channel was first launched it also carried several Toronto Raptors games and Rogers did not want to offer the channel at first. Apparently, they wanted to air a few specific Blue Jays games in the same timeslot (they own the Blue Jays, don’t forget) and figured they would hold out on TSN until they got what they wanted. They also did not like the idea of offering something new for free to customers. This meant that several Raptors games would not be available to most residents in the Greater Toronto Area, the team’s home market. Eventually, this issue was settled but many people missed Raptors games and are still angered by the whole mess.

It is obvious that Rogers does not care too much about their customers’ best interests and only that of their shareholders. However, perhaps they can benefit from running their company in a way that looks after both parties’ interests simultaneously. In fact, these two parties are not necessarily on opposing sides and when new technologies come out that render Roger cable as only one of many options, their customers may be more loyal to them than they currently are.