RIM trying to catch the iPad

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RIM will likely be launching their own tablet, the PlayBook in about a month or so. It’s not official, but that seems to be the likely time frame. In advance of that important introduction for RIM, they have announced a partnership with Microsoft to handle the data that their users are generating and will be generating for their Blackberry phones and the PlayBook.

The point of this partnership for RIM is that it is an effort to take a big step towards cloud computing. Cloud computing is the technology that allows users to not have to store all their data and programs on a computer or mobile device. Instead, everything is pulled over the internet from large central servers. Microsoft has invested a lot in cloud computing and they are focusing on that technology now and RIM is looking for any advantage they can get since they are already behind the 8-ball in the tablet market.

Apple is looking to penetrate the business market, which is one area where they have so far been unable to catch RIM. However, Apple has said that over 65% of the Fortune 100 is or has deployed the iPad for some of their employees, according to a Bloomberg report (click here to read it). It’s not surprising that the iPad is the product that really has businesses looking at Apple for the first time. It is the first Apple product that is more useful for business than pleasure. The iPad is great for sales presentations, among other uses. This is something that RIM does not want to have to deal with.

When RIM launches the PlayBook, we will see how many corporate clients Apple was able to take from them. The PlayBook is likely an inferior product as it has a smaller screen by 3 inches and so far no tablet comes close to the iPad overall. I’m sure RIM is having a lot of tablet related headaches now and I think their Playbook may not cure them.