RIM launches PlayBook tablet

PlayBook - Blackberry Tablet Pictures, Images and Photos
RIM launched their iPad competitor, the PlayBook today and all the major reviewers said their piece about the tablet. Most of them think that it has potential but that there aren’t nearly enough apps for it right now and that it’s lacking some key features. The BlackBerry is famous for its e-mail capabilities. That is the one area where the iPhone and iPad are simply not able to compete with RIM on, even today. However, the current version of the PlayBook tablet does not have e-mail. Its battery is also apparently not quite as good as advertised, unlike the iPad’s battery which seems to never die.

It is clear that RIM rushed the PlayBook to market. They see that Apple has already launched their second edition of the iPad and a bunch of competitors are about to enter the tablet market this year as well. In an effort to not lose their BlackBerry smartphone fans to Apple or other tablet competitors, they must have felt compelled to launch the PlayBook even if it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. This may prove to be a big mistake.

With new technologies you don’t always get a second chance. Although RIM is certainly working to improve all that is sub par with the PlayBook, the current version can damage the product’s perception in the market. That would be a shame for RIM because the reviewers are saying that it would actually be a really good product if everything worked and enough apps were available. This makes it the only tablet other than the iPad to receive such strong comments.

RIM does have a customer loyalty that only Apple shares which may prevent them from falling down the well of rushed products that came to market prematurely. BlackBerry users love their BlackBerries. They may just stick with the brand even if it’s rough at first or they may just wait until its perfected and then buy it. That is a possibility that likely doesn’t exist with any other consumer electronics maker other than Apple right now. Time will tell if this will hold true, but based on the initial reviews it looks like RIM may need it to.