RIM announces new smartphones

logo Pictures, Images and Photos RIM made some big announcements on Wednesday, showing two new BlackBerry Torch smartphones. They, along with the new BlackBerry Bold were shown operating under the new BlackBerry 7 OS. From the videos I’ve seen of the new phones and operating system, they definitely are faster and more responsive than the previous generation. This launch and the launches they will announce in the coming weeks are crucial for their future success. It was just 10 days ago that they had to lay off 2,000 employees. Their stock has taken a serious hit over the last 12 months (more than half their value was lost) and some experts think that they are not far from going the way of the dinosaurs.

I must say that although the new operating system and phones look good at first glance, it isn’t awe inspiring in any way. Only the iPhone has been able to knock people’s socks off with every new version. I just don’t see iPhone owners switching to (or back to) a BlackBerry. There isn’t enough of a reason to do so and Apple’s brand loyalty with almost every iPhone owner is too strong for that too happen. In addition, we are likely a little over a month away from perhaps a new generation of iPhone. If this does occur in September like many believe, then chances are they will overshadow these new BlackBerry releases.

Unfortunately for RIM, I think that even though they may have finally come up with something that can broadly compete with the iPhone, it is probably too late to have the impact they need to stop the bleeding. I just don’t see a good ending to this story unless another tech giant buys the company and revamps it in some way.