Rick Perry to run for President

rick perry Pictures, Images and Photos
Rick Perry, the Republican Governor of Texas will announce this weekend that he is running for President. He has a lot of buzz around him and many believe that he is the only one that is capable of beating Mitt Romney to become the Republican candidate for President. He is considerably more right wing than Romney and also too far right for the majority of Americans. Still, the state of Texas has created more jobs than any other state over the last couple of years so that is something that he will boast about during his campaign.

Although I am sure that President Obama would be happy if Perry would beat Romney to become his opponent in the 2012 election, I don’t know if the Obama campaign is happy that Perry is deciding to run.

Confused? Let me explain.

If Perry runs against Romney in the Republican race he will make Romney look like a pragmatic centrist. Although this may not be what the Republican base wants, it will make it clear that Romney has the best chance to try to beat President Obama. This will also make Romney look better in the eyes of Independents and other centrists, which are the key demographic to winning the 2012 election.

Without Rick Perry in the race it looks like Romney would have a relatively easy path to being the Republican candidate. People like to mention Michele Bachmann as having a real shot, but that’s just wishful thinking. The only way that Perry running for President could end up being good for Obama is if Rick Perry goes after Romney in a negative way. If he exposes Romney’s negative points in a convincing way then it will soften him up for Obama. As you can see I don’t think that Perry has a real chance to win the Republican nomination, but he could be a catalyst to how Romney will fare in the main race versus Obama.

It will be interesting to see what influence Rick Perry will have on the 2012 election. Finally this Republican primary season is starting to get a little more interesting.