Public transit should be privatized

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In general, unions are no good. They promote laziness, unprofessional behaviour and poor competitiveness for the business. Public transit is no different. Now, I have not experienced public transit in many cities, but I know that the TTC in Toronto would definitely benefit from privatization. There have been numerous instances of bus drivers falling asleep at the wheel and poor behaviour with riders. Yesterday, an incident took place that sums up exactly why the TTC should be privatized and get rid of any union.

I will give you the really short version here, but if you want to read the full story on this incident click here. A streetcar arrived late to a busy station by about 40 minutes during the afternoon rush hour. A rider asked the driver why he was late and the driver proceeded to take a short break. He then argued that she should get off the streetcar for asking why he was late. Other passengers came to her defense and eventually the supervisor was called and acted in a similarly pathetic way. Then the police showed up to clear things up. The supervisor also grabbed one passenger’s camera while she was filming the whole thing and this obviously did not help the situation.

If the TTC were a private business, none of this would happen. If anything like this were to happen, the driver would be fired right away. No supervisor in a private business would support an employee acting in such a way with customers. In the real world (private companies), you have to act professionally when you’re on the job. In addition, I strongly believe that a private public transit would not be late as often and the price would not go up as much as it is now. I see no reason to keep the TTC unionized. Hopefully the Mayor will privatize the TTC soon.