Progress report: Better Place electric car company

 Renault Fluence ZE Electric Concept Pictures, Images and Photos

I wrote a post on Better Place back in early February of this year. At the time, this start-up electric car company had just scored a big investment from a large investment bank. Also at the time, Better Place was more in the planning stages than in any actual product development.

Fast forward almost a year and Better Place is in the middle of constructing a complete infrastructure in Israel (the first market for the company) that will allow their electric cars to have battery switching stations. They plan to have 55 of these stations throughout the country and this will allow drivers to switch their car batteries instead of filling up their gas tank. The cars are being produced by Renault (owners of Nissan) and will not use a drop of gasoline. The batteries will be the new gasoline and will be both rechargeable and replaceable.

Better Place are and/or will be rolling out new test markets in San Francisco, Tokyo, Denmark and a few other locations in the coming months and years. Founder, Shai Agassi plans for Better Place to have his technology replace gasoline powered cars and if successful, this will be huge not only for the planet but for the U.S. economy. He believes the U.S. would no longer need to import oil and this would improve the country’s balance sheet dramatically.

Agassi says that they are about one year away or less from having the infrastructure in Israel completed. Once this occurs, he says that five year later, 90% of cars in Israel will be Better Place cars. So far, things are going to plan for Agassi and Better Place and this is one of those few companies that can truly change the world for the better in the next 5-10 years. Everyone should keep their eye out for this company and I will continue to follow them as they progress.