Prime Minister Harper holds firm at G8

Stephen Harper Pictures, Images and Photos
The G8 summit just wrapped up in France and the main take away for Canadians is how the election solidified Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s conviction in how he sees the world. More than ever before, it was clear that Harper felt supremely confident and free to tell the world exactly what he believes in terms of foreign policy. He focused a lot of his time on Israel and made his views on the issue clear.

As has usually been the case with Harper, he agreed with President Obama’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. However, since the official statement from the G8 on the issue was slightly less pro-Israel, Harper made sure to voice his support for the details that President Obama mentioned but that were left out of the G8 statement. He specifically mentioned that the two state solution needs to include a Jewish state and a demilitarized Palestinian state. These two things are essential for any real peace to be achieved, but normally a Canadian Prime Minister would just be content with the official statement and not add to it.

Without a doubt, if Harper would not have won the election, Canada today would be a country that is less supportive of Israel. This would go against the core of what Canada is, which is a liberal democracy that strives to be fair to all who obey the law. This is exactly what Israel stands for and thus, Canada, as well as, every other advanced democracy should support them in their quest for a lasting peace.

Whether or not you voted for Stephen Harper, all Canadians should be proud that more than in previous governments, the true values of what being Canadian is all about is shining through for the entire world to see and follow.