Politician is the ultimate catch-all career

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There are very small requirements to become a politician in most modern democracies. In the U.S., all you need to have to run for Congress is a certain minimum age and a citizenship. No education requirements, no aptitude tests, no knowledge of important issues necessary. The hope is that since the public needs to vote these politicians in, they will elect people that have some relevant qualifications even though they are not required by law. Unfortunately, this is not always what ends up happening in reality.

The United States Congress has a bunch of elected officials that have no background in economics or foreign affairs. As we are close to a crucial time in the U.S. where the Congress must raise the debt limit and must fix the out of control deficit for the long term, having a background in economics or at least a business education is absolutely essential. Yet, there are several very influential politicians in Congress that are doctors and ministers by training. Some of these politicians are the same people suggesting that the U.S. does not need to raise the debt limit at all or that no tax increases (even on the richest 2%) are to occur in order to help control the debt.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I had an illness of injury, I would definitely want a doctor’s opinion. However, for economic issues a doctor’s opinion is about as useful as a blind person’s thoughts on a painting. Religious figures like ministers are eve less qualified for government. They not only likely lack knowledge on important topics like economics, foreign affairs and defense, but they don’t even represent all people by definition. A minister only understands the values of those in his/her particular religion. This has nothing to do with making laws and running a country.

Being a politician is a catch-all profession. It makes qualified people with backgrounds in economics, business, law and foreign affairs equal to people trained as doctors and ministers who are completely irrelevant and unqualified for elected office. If we see the U.S. go into default in early August, blame these people for it.