Pointless election coming this May

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The federal government of Canada announced their federal budget this week and all three opposition parties were unhappy with it. Therefore, they are likely going to vote against it which will trigger an election, probably in early May of this year. The polls show that the result is likely to be essentially the same what we have right now, which means that in about six weeks Canadians will head to the polls and end up with the exact same thing we have right now. Well, actually it won’t be exactly the same as right now because we will be $300 million poorer due to the cost of holding a federal election.

This pointless election is not good for anyone. When the polls indicate that Canadians will choose the same representation of each party as we have right now, then that means that Canadians do not want an election now. The blame for this useless turn of events falls on the shoulders of the opposition parties. The Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois all want certain things in the budget and the ruling Conservatives are apparently unwilling to meets those demands.┬áBy all accounts, this budget doesn’t include anything outrageous or risky. It is essentially maintaining the status quo, which in this case is not bad. Of course it could be better in some ways, but that can be said for every budget.

The Conservative Party under PM Stephen Harper has done a sufficient job of running the country. They handled the recession well and for the most part, they have been responsible with our tax dollars. If we look at foreign policy, this government is head and shoulders above the previous Liberal governments under Paul Martin and Jean Chretien. In addition, the leaders of the opposition parties don’t seem to have what it takes to do as good of a job, let alone a better job than PM Harper. That’s saying something coming from me because I was not a supporter of the Conservative Party or the current PM when they initially came to power, but slowly he and his party have proven that they are the best we have right now.

Canadians should complain to the opposition parties that they are flushing $300 million of our money down the toilet. It will accomplish nothing and they all know this very well. Yet, it looks like we are destined for a useless election in about six weeks.