Plan to end Afghan war

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President Obama gave a quick speech last night about the U.S.’ plans to end the war in Afghanistan. The plan is to bring 33,000 troops home by the end of this summer and then gradually bring home the remaining 70,000 troops home by 2014. In place of U.S. and NATO troops will be U.S. trained Afghan soldiers which will hopefully be able to keep the country in peace.

The reason this speech was important was more political than actually having to do with the war in Afghanistan. Just about everyone in the U.S. right now is not thinking about the Afghan war. They are thinking about jobs, the economy and the national debt. The President’s speech tied this positive information of ending a war to the economy. He said that instead of spending the trillion dollars they have at war, they need to spend it at home to create jobs. He specifically mentioned investing in the American people (meaning education), investing in infrastructure and investing in alternative energy.

He also had the chance to counter some of the recent complaints that some Republican presidential candidates and other Republican opponents have made about his administration. He made sure to remind everyone that there are no troops on the ground in Libya. This fact has been blurred a bit in recent days by Republicans. He also alluded to the fact that the Iraq war was not only a bad idea but an expensive one and he made sure to imply that he never supported it. To Americans, this will remind them that the Republicans may not be as trustworthy with money and decisions as they are now saying they are.

Last night’s speech was as much, if not more about domestic political issues as it was about the Afghan war. Still, the important take away from it was that this war finally has a firm timeline and plan for closure.