Perry beating Romney in polls by double digits

President Rick Perry Pictures, Images and Photos
A newcomer to the Republican race for President, Rick Perry, has taken a double digit lead in the polls over former front runner, Mitt Romney. I have thought this whole time that Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination with relative ease. However, the new polling numbers are making me rethink that notion. I still think Romney is the favourite, regardless of what these polls say (it’s too early to rely on the polls anyway), but I am no longer certain that no one else will have a real chance.

Besides the big lead that Perry has apparently taken on Romney recently, he has something else on his side. When this race gets narrowed down to two candidates, all the Tea Party supporters and many of the religious right and ultra conservatives will like Perry more than Romney. I don’t know if that number will be greater than the more moderate Republicans and Republicans that will only care about beating Obama (all of which will prefer Romney), but it will definitely make it closer than I previously thought.

It is good news that the Republican Presidential race is turning into a real race. It may not be that good for the candidates involved since they will exploit each others’ weak points, but it is good for America and the world. It will be even better if Perry pulls an upset and beats Romney on the Republican side. Perry would make an awful President, without a doubt. However, he will be easier for Obama to beat and having him as President is a much better prospect for everyone than any of the current Republicans in the field.

On a side note, the Republican candidate that would be the best option and would perhaps be a good President is Jon Huntsman, but he is last in most polls.