Organized religion to go extinct

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A study has said that based on census trends, organized religions will become extinct or almost extinct in 9 countries. I have actually been saying this for a few years now. Although this prediction was made several decades ago by some and we are obviously not close to the extinction of organized religion, they all made a mistake in their math. The prediction will eventually come true but, the time frame is longer than those experts believed.

Monotheist organized religions will pass just like other belief systems before it. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks had their own religions that today seem crazy to us. In 2011, some people see the organized religions that people subscribe to today as being crazy too. However, a majority of people still believe in at least one of the organized religions practised today as being the real deal. Whether you believe in them or not, organized religions are powerful and influence the world greatly. In fact, if you looked at them as an industry like the oil and gas industry or the insurance industry, then the ‘religion industry’ would be up there with the biggest in terms of dollar value. People all over the world pay for religious services and many people are employed by them world wide.

I believe there will certainly be a day where organized religions will be next to extinct. It may be 100 years, 200 years or more but it is an¬†inevitability. I am not saying this to scare anyone. In fact, this is not a negative outcome at all. People will forgo organized religions because they will no longer see the need for its teachings. Things like respect others and don’t steal or kill will not need to be taught by a religion but will be taught at home in more common sense ways (they already are in many places). This doesn’t mean people won’t steal or kill, but anyone paying attention will notice that often times the most religious people happen to be the biggest criminals. Until this day comes though, perhaps looking at the ‘religion industry’ as a potential source of income is not a bad idea.

Oh, in case you were wondering, the 9 countries experts think that organized religions will go extinct in first are: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Finland, Netherlands and Switzerland.