Ontario makes bad choice in election

Ontario will continue to be led by the awful Dalton McGuinty for at least four more years. More than half of people eligible to vote in the Ontario provincial elections yesterday chose not to. Due to this indifference on the part of citizens, Ontario will likely not see the deteriorating health care system improve in the coming years. It will likely also see additional new taxes and poor management of services. The Liberal Party and McGuinty just barely won in the popular vote (about 2% over the Progressive Conservatives) and also will no longer have a majority. They are now one riding short of that majority, which they enjoyed for all of McGuinty’s reign thus far.

Unfortunately, the other two parties, the Conservatives and NDP are unlikely to agree on most issues in opposition to McGuinty because they are generally on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Perhaps the best outcome in governance from this election will be that nothing will get done at all. At this point, it may be better than letting McGuinty continue to make bad decision after bad decision.

Ontario made two bad choices yesterday. Most Ontarians made the bad choice of not voting. I am sure that if there was a higher voter turnout, the Conservatives and Tim Hudak would have won and that would be much better for the Ontario. From the people that did vote, slightly more of those voters chose McGuinty over Hudak. This is likely also a result of not paying attention to politics and what is going on in Ontario. Since they haven’t paid any attention or given it much thought, they just stuck with the status quo. Unfortunately, the status quo is becoming worst every day thanks to McGuinty.¬†Hopefully Ontarians will learn their lesson for the next election in four years.