Obama’s big Middle East speech

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President Obama gave a big speech yesterday about the Middle East. He wanted to pivot from the successful secret operation to kill Osama Bin Laden. The death of the world’s most wanted terrorist came after many in the Middle East had already begun to realize that a successful future could only come about if they abandon hate and terrorism and embrace western ideals such as technology, capitalism and freedom. Although much of what he said was not new, he did lay out that economic development and investment is the course that the U.S. and other advanced nations should take with the Middle East versus lump some payments and short term assistance.

This, along with proper education, which he did not adequately address (baby steps, I guess) is what will make the Middle East a better place to live. He suggested that instead of the financial aid which has been the majority or US financial assistance to the Arab world was not the best strategy. Instead, he wants to invest in the long term economy and grow trade between the Arab world and the Western world. This is exactly the right strategy to take in this part of the world.

It reminds me of Europe many years ago. The European nations fought constantly with one another (France, Germany, Britain, etc…) until they began to trade heavily with one another. Today they are tight allies whose economies are strong and the people are closer between the nations than they have ever been. This is what the U.S. needs to do with the Arab world.

Since I’ve already mentioned the other key, I’ll bring it in to this conversation. Educating the Arab world properly, meaning that Israel is not bad and having them as a neighbour can actually be the best thing to ever happen to them is the truth and this should be taught instead of the propaganda that people there learn now. The demonization of Israel is a tool used by Muslim dictators to have all of their oppressed people unite with them instead of against them like they should be. The 100% truth is that if these countries were to recognize, accept and trade with Israel, the Middle East would be a powerhouse region in the world instead of the underachieving desert that it is today.

These two keys (long term investment and proper education) is the right strategy to make a new Middle East a successful one for all the people that live there and for the world in general.