Obama should learn from Harper and hire CEO

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After this upcoming midterm election in the U.S., The Obama administration will likely be replacing a few high ranking members. Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently announced that he has appointed a new chief of staff. For this important position he decided to go with someone with a strong business background. He appointed Nigel Wright, a managing director at Toronto-based, private equity investment firm Onex Corp.

President Obama should also appoint someone from the business community to a high ranking position in his administration. He needs someone that understands business and has had success in it. Currently, there are way too many politicians in his administration and that causes big businesses to be concerned. Although some of this concern is not warranted, some of it is and regardless, Wall Street needs to feel better so that they once again start hiring and investing.

Federal governments often do not utilize the business talents in their countries. Instead, they have politicians handle complex negotiations with other countries and too often do not come out with great results. I would much rather have a business person negotiate on my country’s behalf than a career politician. Business people love to negotiate and are the best at it. Politicians can help them outline what they need to accomplish in the negotiations but, should then step back and let business people do the accomplishing.

Hopefully, President Obama will appoint some respected business leaders to his administration after the midterm elections. After all, the U.S. has many of the best business people in the world and it is a major factor in why they are the global success they are as a country. The government should utilize that advantage.