Obama hopes people call in after speech

DISAPPOINT Pictures, Images and Photos Last night President Obama gave a speech to the nation about his new jobs plan. He had many ideas and policies, many of which seem good. Democrats and Independents will like this plan. Republicans will only like small parts of it here and there. The President knew this going in, but the speech made it very clear that he is banking on the people to pressure the Republicans in Congress to pass his bill. In fact, he used the phrase “pass this bill” and variations of it more times than I could keep count. He kept the speech simpler in language than many of his other speeches and he is hoping that people call their representatives in Congress and tell them to “pass this bill”. It was almost like a subliminal message, until later in the speech when he asked people to let the government know that they want this bill passed.

Unfortunately, I think the Tea Party and other members of the Republican Party are so set in their ways and want the President to fail so badly that they ignore their constituents’ demands. The President likely plans to pay for this bill by raising taxes on the rich and closing loopholes on corporations. This is unlikely to happen and until (and unless) he wins the next election. Experts and pundits are saying that Republicans will likely pass some parts of his plan since they are very centrist ideas for the most part which they normally support. They also cannot afford to look like¬†uncompromising morons like they did in the debt ceiling debates, especially on an issue as important as jobs. For this reason, it looks like the Obama jobs plan will make it through Congress in some form, although it may not be recognizable when it gets to the President’s desk.