No talent in world politics

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From municipal levels to federal levels, there is a serious shortage of talent in politics. There are so few politicians currently in office or even alive throughout the world that actually have some talent that it makes the few talented ones unable to do their job well. There are endless examples of this shortage, but I will stay in North America to make it easy.

In about two months, voters in the city of Toronto will head to the polls to elect a new Mayor. The current Mayor, David Miller (who is also talent-less by the way) will not be running for re-election. There are several candidates vying for the job, but not a single one is actually worthy of the position. The current leader in the polls, Rob Ford, is only leading because he is slightly more charismatic than the others. No one would mistake him as being a good leader or decision maker that is capable of successfully running one of the biggest cities on the continent. Either way, it looks like he will be the next Mayor of Toronto.

If we look at the federal level, U.S. President Obama is a talented and intelligent politician. He is honest (at least so far), which for a politician is very rare. His problem is that all the other politicians below him in the U.S. government on both the Democrat and Republican side have a total of zero points in the talent pool which makes the President’s job extremely difficult. In fact, the only other politician that is high in talent is former President Bill Clinton. Unfortunately for the world, he is no longer in politics. There doesn’t seem to be many talented leaders in Europe right now or in more volatile regions like the Middle East either.

The lack of political talent in the world is partly to blame for a slow recovery (and the recession), inability to better deal with countries like Iran and North Korea and issues like Afghanistan/Pakistan and the Israeli-Palestinians conflict. This lack of talent definitely makes policies in the U.S. unable to become law and when they do, they are severely watered down. This means that Americans and many other people in the world are left with low employment levels, insufficient credit for small businesses and market fear.

It isn’t that people are less talented on the whole. It is more that the talented people are avoiding politics. There is too much childish fighting, negativity and even corruption for the talented people in the world to enter the political realm. This is the case in countries like the U.S., Canada, Israel and much of Europe. These are places that can really use talent in politics and these places happen to hold political positions that have great influence in the world. Hopefully some talented people will start to see this and enter the game.