New way to make diesel

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When you think of oil, gasoline and diesel the likely thoughts that come to your mind are awful supplier nations in the Middle East and an energy source that is slowly destroying the environment. However, there is a start-up company out of Cambridge, MA called Joule Unlimited that says they have figured out a way to make fuels such as diesel in a way that will make the U.S. energy independent and is less harmful to the environment.

As I recently read in a CNBC article (click here to read it) they’re technology uses a combination of a specific bacteria that when coupled with sunlight and carbon dioxide naturally produces the fuels we use. Although there are other ways to make such fuels from bio sources like algae, this technology takes out the problem of biomass which is essentially waste. In this way it differs from other methods and makes this technology sounds a lot more promising.

They say that they can make the U.S. energy independent as they can generate the fuel more efficiently and more cheaply than other bio fuel companies. If this is true than the world will certainly change for the better in a big way. It would be good for the economy as well because they say that they can make diesel fuel for about $30 a barrel. It would also eliminate the need for the U.S. to pay money to Middle Eastern nations like Saudi Arabia and instead keep those hundreds of billions of dollars at home every year.

It is way too early to tell if this company can actually do what they hope and claim. They have not yet opened their first demo plant which is supposed to open later this year. However, the fact that they have shown that this can work on a small scale is enough to at least make more scientists think about how to confront the challenge of making a better fuel source. Hopefully the coming months will have more good news out of Joule Unlimited.