New NASA rocket raises concerns

NASA unveiled a new deep space rocket yesterday that is expected to be ready by 2017. This rocket will replace the shuttle as NASA’s main rocket and carrier of people to space. The difference between the shuttle and this new rocket is that NASA will not use it to take people and cargo to the International Space Station. This rocket is designed to take astronauts to the Moon, Mars and an asteroid. However, there are two concerns that I have with this rocket that I hope will be properly addressed.

First, much of this rocket is recycled from the old shuttle rockets and boosters. This is to save money and the jobs in the factories that built the shuttle rockets. Although, I’m all for saving money and jobs, I don’t like it when it may be at the expense of a better finished product. I hope this does not cut corners or limit what this rocket could have been with an all new design and build.

The second concern I have with this new rocket is that the capsule that will hold the crew, which sits at the top portion of the rocket is very expensive. There are some experts that think that it will be so expensive to make that it will take up the entire budget leaving a finished rocket with no money left to take it anywhere. It seems that they should have used a better mix of new designs and designs that can also have other applications so that the cost is not so burdensome.

Hopefully my concerns will not prove to beĀ Achilles’ heels for the deep space program because I am looking forward to seeing what we discover in places like the Moon, Mars and other frontiers.