New military technology saving lives

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The last several days have seen an escalation in violence between Israel and Hamas, the terrorist group controlling Gaza. It seems that Hamas has bitten off more than they would like to chew as they launched an anti-tank missile at a school bus which severely injured a child in Israel. They were then hit hard by Israel and declared an immediate cease fire. However, Israel rejected it since that would obviously solve nothing. In addition, Israel used its brand new military technology which may very well change the entire dynamic of the conflict.

The Iron Dome system is a missile defense system that is designed to intercept the types of rockets that Hamas and other terrorist groups use. Over the last few days Hamas has launched a bunch of rockets and the Iron Dome system worked as hoped for the areas it covered. Hamas even tried launching some newly designed home made rockets which were also shot out of the sky. The rockets Hamas and other terrorist groups often use are low technology and unpredictable. This means that it is hard for the terrorists to accurately aim them at civilians which is their intended target. This results in many of the rockets landing in open fields. However, since they fire a large volume, inevitably some hit populated areas. This new missile defense system is able to project where the rocket will land and will only intercept it if it’s headed toward people. This helps keep costs low.

Although the system is still being tested by the Israeli Defense Forces, if it continues to be successful then the entire conflict between Israel and terror groups in Gaza and even Hezbollah in Lebanon may change dramatically. This advantage that Israel would possess will allow them to not only better protect their own people but will also discourage additional attacks on them since they will be pointless. This weakness on the terrorists’ side may encourage the civilians in those areas to rise up against them which may make the entire region a much safer and better place for everyone.

This is looking quite a bit into the future and using assumptions that the new Iron Dome system will be very effective on all types of missiles. However, this new technology started as a hope and has already saved lives in Israel. Hopefully this will be the dawn of a new and safer era.