New internet suffixes to grow the web

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For a while now there have been talks of introducing new internet suffixes that will allow companies to buy addresses such as “.car” or “.pepsi” instead of “.com”. This will lead to a much larger internet and will allow companies to cement their brand online. Beyond those reasons, ICANN (which essentially looks after the internet) wants to introduce these new suffixes to increase the legitimacy of the internet.

To start, not just anyone will be able to buy one of these suffixes. The cost will be very high unless you’re a large company. With all the fees and documentation, the cost will be around $500,000 for each suffix (.something). In addition, an application will need to be filled out and the idea is to make buying an internet suffix similar to filing a trademark. That means businesses will need a lawyer to do it. All this will likely go a very long way in reducing the amount of scams and exploiters on the net.

When the internet became popular, people saw an opportunity to buy up many domain names. They would then sell them to legitimate companies that needed the related domains at high prices. By making this process harder and expensive, much of that hoarding will not happen this time.

For big companies this will allow them to increase their brand online. It will differentiate them from competitors and will once again put them on a higher pedestal than small companies, to some extent. Although small businesses will be at some disadvantage from this, it probably is the right thing since the big companies spend millions of dollars on branding and marketing in order to stand out. With only .com and other country suffixes the level of differentiation is limited. The other important issue this change will help solve is that the internet is beginning to run out of space. There are only so many .com-based domain names people can come up with. Add to that the people that hoard a bunch of the domain names and you can begin to see the need to more web address options.

Starting next year we will see the internet unfold before our eyes, once again.