New era for Cuba coming

Cuba is in the beginning of a series of changes that will hopefully give it some more capitalism and less communism which has plagued it for decades. Fidel Castro is old and unhealthy and yesterday his country set the groundwork for a new future without him and even beyond his brother Raul who is currently in charge. There are many hints from Cuba that several policies will change that will in fact, make the country slightly more capitalist.

I am reminded of a Simpson’s episode featuring a Fidel Castro character which seems to have predicted this inevitability. The short clip below will give you a quick laugh and also make you realize that it’s exactly what happened. What this means is that there will soon be a lot of business opportunities for those countries who choose to take it. I am speaking specifically about the United States here. The U.S. has so far not indicated that they are changing their policy towards Cuba in any meaningful way. However, it may be time to shift their strategy since the old one didn’t do all that much for anyone.

Cubans may soon be allowed to buy and sell homes and perhaps even businesses. There are also indications that they will allow foreign investment. They want the U.S. to invest there. They are already going to be teaming up with an Italian company to drill for oil off the Cuban shore, not too far from Florida. They want and need U.S. expertise in the safety and containment aspects of this project. For the U.S. it makes sense to do business with them on this project because the Florida coast would be threatened if something went wrong on that oil rig. It would be a great way to begin a new relationship between the two countries. There is a lot of potential for the U.S. to make a lot of money by doing business with Cuba. I also suspect that the more they do this, the more capitalism will take hold in Cuba and once that horse leaves the stable, it won’t come back. This would be great for Cuba and the U.S.