New computer virus begins a new era

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This week, a new computer virus came on to the world stage. This virus, called Stuxnet, is unlike all others in that it is considered to be the first “cyber super weapon” in the world. It works by attacking industrial facilities, specifically those made by German company, Siemens. Once inside the systems of oil rigs, water treatment plants, nuclear plants and other sites, the virus can re-write protocols that can essentially destroy them. It has the ability to cause a nuclear disaster.

It appears that the intended target was Iran’s nuclear facilities. This, and a couple of clues found in the code suggests that it could be Israeli made. It also appears that China was infected by the same virus however, which may not have been intended. This could be the beginning of a very scary era of computer virus’ that can cause massive physical damage. Assuming this is an Israeli or even American development that alone is not scary as these are not countries that would harm western nations. However, this code is now out there for all countries to see and learn from.

This also makes cyber security businesses that much more in demand. If they can figure out how to defend against these new types of virus’ then their products will be sought after in every country on earth and they can demand a very high price for their offering. For the nearer term though, if this virus can be perfected to the point that it can actually destroy Iran’s nuclear sites without the need for military action, it would be a triumphant success for the world. It would remove a dangerous threat and actually make the world a safer place. That is, until less friendly countries learn how to make similar cyber weapons.