New Canadian copyright bill will affect Canadians

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The Conservative-led federal government is once again looking to pass an updated copyright bill in Canada that will govern what Canadians can and cannot do with copyrighted music, videos, etc… It isn’t the first time they have tried to pass this bill, but it is the first time they have tried with their new majority, which means it will likely pass this time. This is an issue that I believe affects a majority of Canadians that download music, movies or anything else that is copyrighted. Unlike our American neighbours to the south, Canadians are not as eager to pay iTunes in order to download their music. In fact, from the many people I know that download music, not a single one of them actually pays for that music.

This bill, if it will actually be enforced will be a big change for many Canadians. There are still many people out there that believe that music should be free to download and artists, producers and labels should only make money from concert tours like the old days. This is something that I would support because it ensures that the artists perform at their highest level on tour and it allows technology to give consumers the freedom it is capable of producing for them. Most governments, including Canada’s do not agree however. Therefore, if this bill is enacted and enforced, iTunes will see a lot more revenue from Canada than they have until now. For Canadians, this will make a nice dent in their wallets. Essentially, you will have to buy the copyrighted content once and then use it however you want, including copying it to other devices. You must buy it initially though, which is where the sticking point is.

Although this bill is likely to become law since the Conservatives have a majority right now, it is yet to be determined how strongly it will be enforced. Canadian consumers of digital music are crossing their fingers that all this just blows over and the government focuses on enforcing other laws.