New Blackberry Playbook tablet

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Yesterday, Blackberry maker RIM unveiled a new tablet product that will hit stores early next year and will compete with the iPad. It is called the Blackberry Playbook and RIM is hoping to be the first successful competitor to Apple in this tablet category. Pricing on the Playbook has not been announced yet but one would think it would be much more affordable than the iPad.

The screen is smaller than the iPad’s and it does not offer 3G connectivity. The only way you can get 3G access is to tether it to your Blackberry smartphone. For those that do not own a Blackberry smartphone, tough luck. The look of the device is ok, but not great. The borders are too thick for my liking and it takes away from the screen size. However, the same thing can be said for the iPad.

The real judgment will come when people get to try it out. It’s impossible to tell from commercials how fast and responsive the device is but, that will play a huge part in how successful this product will be for RIM. The device will feature an on-screen keyboard only. The last time RIM tried this was on the Storm which was an awful piece of technology. RIM better hope that this keyboard is much better.

Although I am not a huge fan of this entire category as I see many redundancies in it, this new product is actually fairly important for RIM. They have not had a lot of success with their last product launch, the blackberry Torch and the business media is chewing them up. There are even rumblings that sooner or later RIM will be bought out by someone. A successful tablet device will help quiet those talks.