New Apple iPhone software update coming

Apple iPhone

Apple announced that they will be releasing an update to the iPhone software, called OS 4.0. For iPhone owners, there are several improvements that are on the list of hopeful inclusions by Apple. Some have already been attempted, but with patchy results, like reducing the amount of dropped calls the phones make and increasing the battery life, which is still not the greatest. However, some are actually quite major and it is not totally clear unless you are a software engineer whether or not it is even possible without actually replacing the handset all together. Either way, here is a short list of what I and many others are hoping will be part of this software update:

Have a real push notification
The biggest downfall that the iPhone has for business users especially, is a lack a real push notification. This is important for anyone that doesn’t want to own a Blackberry but needs the push notification to be real, consistent and work as well as the Blackberry’s. The lack of one currently makes some emails that use Outlook on their PC’s not work well.

Perhaps the most important change that can be made to the iPhone is to make it possible to multitask on it. That is, allow any two or three apps to work simultaneously. Perhaps they can include a minimize option instead of pressing the home button which just knocks you out of the app you’re in and that would allow the user to switch between apps without closing them. This actually leads to my next item on the list which is likely only possible by introducing a new and more powerful iPhone, but a guy can dream.

Use the Mac OS X Snow Leopard
For the iPhone to truly be a do-it-all smart phone that would put itself so far ahead of all the competition that many of them would just give up trying, Apple needs to have the same operating system in the iPhone that is used in the current Mac computers. This would be revolutionary and would also fix many of the issues that iPhone users have right now. They would likely need to put a much more powerful chip in the phone and increase most of the technical specs so I doubt it’s actually possible on the 3G and 3GS but, maybe some parts of it are possible and they should be implemented. For the next generation iPhone however, using the OS X should be the main goal.

Other minor upgrades
The other upgrades that this update should include are smaller in scale but also important. Increasing the battery life and making phone calls less susceptible to being dropped are two things that have been addressed in previous updates but are still not where they need to be. It is especially annoying to talk on an iPhone while the person on the other side is also using an iPhone as the call is dropped with some regularity on the first try. Other things are less important and more cosmetic like allowing the user to change the background wallpaper from the standard black to anything the user wishes. The other would be to allow for the deletion of some native apps that are not needed. For example, I never use the native weather app the phone came with because there is a free weather network (like the TV channel) app that does a better job at displaying weather information. I now have two weather apps and I would like to delete the native one but can’t.

Hopefully this update will include at least some, if not all of the improvements that are possible on this current iPhone.