NBA shines above other leagues again

2011 NBA All-Star Game Pictures, Images and Photos
This past weekend was the NBA All-Star Weekend. It showcased the wildly popular skills competitions and finished off with a very entertaining All-Star Game. All the major North American sports leagues have their version of an All-Star Game, but the NBA is the clear leader in this category. It is considered to be the most exciting, entertaining and biggest of all the ASG’s (All-Star Game) across the 4 major sports leagues.

There is more than one reason why the NBA does such a good job with this event. First and foremost however, are the athletes. These are the best athletes in the world. When skills competitions are held, we can truly see a sample of what these people can do. These athletes surprise and impress with their athleticism and skill like no other professional athlete can.

The second reason why the NBA stands above the rest with this event is because of the smooth execution the league has with this event. They invest a lot of money into it and bring out the top musicians and celebrities. They also invest a lot in planning and ensure that every minute is entertaining in some way. This is something the other 3 sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NHL) have not been able to do thus far.

Another major reason for the success of NBA All-Star Weekend every year is the global reach of the sport. Unlike the other 3 sports leagues, the NBA has global appeal. Sure, MLB is popular in parts of Asia and Latin America, but no one in Europe cares about it. The NHL is popular in Russia and some parts of Europe, but that is not nearly enough. The NFL is frankly only popular in North America and it also happens to be the least popular event from the 4 leagues (although the league is huge in the U.S.). The NBA is popular and growing on every continent and includes players from more countries than any of the other major sports league. This makes it a huge international event that is covered in the news around the world. It also helps bring in sponsorship money from a wider list of companies.

All these factors play an important role in the success and popularity of the NBA All-Star Weekend. Since the 2011 NBA ASG just passed, we will have to wait a full year for it to happen again. Be sure that the entire world is waiting for it.