Nancy Grace should be pulled off the air

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Millions of people have been following the Casey Anthony murder trial. Yesterday the verdict was in and little Caylee’s mother was found not guilty on all major charges. It was the right decision by the jury since there was no real evidence that clearly shows Casey as the murder. In fact, her 2.5 year old daughter’s death has an unknown cause. Regardless of what you think really happened to Caylee and what role Casey played in it, she is innocent under the law and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, Nancy Grace, the popular TV show host does not respect the laws of her country.

Nancy Grace has demonized Casey Anthony right from the start and tossed that old idea of “innocent until proven guilty” out the window. She refused to call her by her real name, instead calling her “Tot mom” which has obvious negative┬áconnotations. Even now that she is innocent she still refuses to call her by her real name. Nancy Grace is a big reason why so many people hate Casey Anthony even though the law found her to be innocent in her daughter’s death. Nancy Grace has ruined Casey Anthony’s life. She will probably have to move out of Florida and change her name just to avoid people trying to hurt or kill her. I know most people find it hard to sympathize with Casey Anthony, but remember she is innocent under U.S. law.

This is not the first time Nancy Grace has done this to someone innocent. It’s clear that she likes to judge individuals before they are given their day in court. That is not what free countries like the United States stand for. If she wants that type of society then there is no shortage in the world. She could practically pick any country in the Middle East (Israel excluded) and she would find a place that decides whether someone is guilty or innocent before a fair trial is given. Clearly this is her cup of tea because she is acting like the dictator here.

It is time that Nancy Grace is pulled of the air and that all media learns from this and presumes peoples’ innocence like the law, U.S. constitution and all free countries’ constitutions say we must.