Mother of all virus cures discovered

test tube Pictures, Images and Photos I was fully planning on discussing the economy and the fears of a double dip recession, following the big stock market drop and negative economic data yesterday. However, I came across this very interesting article (click here to read it) about a discovery at MIT of a potential cure for almost all viruses. I won’t even attempt to get in to the details of how it works because, frankly, I barely understand it myself (I’m a businessman, not a scientist). In general, it works differently than current anti-viral drugs because it goes after a molecule that almost every virus produces in our body. The tests so far have shown this method to be successful in killing 15 different viruses. H1N1 to dengue fever are among the 15 so far.

If this ends up being as successful in humans as it is in the lab and does not have some awful side effects, then this has the potential to change our lives. Imagine a world with no flu, no HIV and no rare African viruses that scare everyone halfway across the world. Life expectancies would jump, as would productivity. MIT would obviously get a big boost (not sure they really need it, but it can’t hurt) and the company that gets the patent to produce it would be grinning from ear to ear for many years.

Although we are far away from this drug becoming a part of our lives, it does give us the inspiration to believe that one day humans will conquer all its micro enemies. First viruses, then bad bacteria, then everything else. Go humans.